Four wheel life in Keuruu Finland!

HEY THERE! What if someone told you there is still a place in the world where studying and living is comfortable and effortless. A place where everyone is friendly and helpful and where you can have a great start for your life?

What an earth is Four wheel life in Keuruu?

Let´s find out and GO CRAZY about Keuruu!

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One four wheel life, please!

One four wheel life, please!

Discover the possibilities in Keuruu:

Keuruu High School

“Students are taken good care of. Study advisor and teachers help you all the time.”

Sports, Arts and Entrepreneurial studies offer you a stunning framework for studying and are even completely free.

HT Laser road – path to metal industry professional

Do you know the Finnish metal industry?

Would you like to study in Finland? Or have a work in Finland?

HT Laser road is for you.

Join our team!

Free time

Ice hockey. Motor sports. Hiking. Art. Disc golf. Swimming.

A lot of possibilities to do.

Find your own hobby!

Jobs for you

We have a job for you and your spouse! 

Check out the current job opportunities and ask more from the companies directly. 

Are you ready to become an entrepreneur in Keuruu?

The local organization for entrepreneurs just recognized the local Chinese restaurant with the Immigrant Entrepreneur of the Year Award. We encourage you to become an entrepreneur in Keuruu!

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