Old Keuruu invites locals and tourists to enjoy themselves!

Original author of the Finnish text: Milja Kaartinen

A beautiful pink house in the fine milieu of Old Keuruu, in the lake of Keurusselkä, hides inside glorious parties and buffet tables heaving with much-praised delicious food like cabbage rolls made with Pappila’s own recipe and confectioner’s skillful cakes among other salty and sweet delicacies. Pappilan Pidot creates a special atmosphere also in the middle of everyday life for e.g. training days and meetings, not to mention the lovely granary café, lunch and cruises on m/s Elias Lönnrot in the summers.
You may get the festive spirit of Pappilan Pidot also to your home through their catering services. Whether it’s about a bigger occasion or a small gathering, you can order delicious food and why not even a waiter to serve it. The Christmas delicacies for a Christmas at home have grown in popularity every year. How easy it is to just go and pick up all the delicious traditional foods for Christmas on the 23rd.

In the large halls of Pappila one enjoys both the atmosphere and good food.

Escape rooms are full of excitement!

In addition to conference rooms, mystery rooms are located in the attic of Vanha Pappila; the secrets of Pappila’s escape rooms captivate all sorts of groups regardless of age. On top of the games in the closed rooms, Pappilan Pidot offers mystery experiences in the form of dinners and agent adventures.
Next to Vanha Pappila, an old stone barn is home to the second restaurant of Pappilan Pidot. Pappilan Taverna offers slightly more casual lunch and the à la carte menu offers local pike perch and hefty burgers to name a few. Not to forget the super popular pizza Friday! The thick-crusted Italian style pizza from the buffet has drawn customers for many years already.

Taverna has a lot to offer for both everyday life and celebration.

On top of delicious food and friendly service, in Pappilan Taverna you can meet with friends, make new ones and every now and then even dance to live music! The band nights gather people from outside Keuruu, too, which means that the gigs in the barn are often sold out.
The best of Pappila were born from passion with customers as the root of inspiration. They already have 15 years of experience from organizing different occasions and events and hosting customers. You name the cause, they organize it – with great skill and a big heart.

Milja Kaartinen

Jaa juttu kavereille!