Keuruuntie 2, 42700 Keuruu

Keuruuntie 2, 42700 Keuruu

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Our products and services

Maalaisvakka sells handicrafts, home-baked pastires and many sorts of local food products. Our services include:

  • café
  • direct sale for local handicrafts
  • direct sale for  local farm products
  • pastries and food products made on request like layered cakes, sandwich cakes etc.
  • resale of local products, food products and handicrafts

Products include coffee, tea, hot chocolate, juide, pastries, breads, layered cakes, sandwich cakes, gelatin cakes, cakes, home food, handicrafts, woodworks, glassworks, socks, mittens, beanies, donuts, sweet plaits, rye bread, sandwiches, buns, cinnamon rolls, berries, flours, cereals, grits, local products, local food, organic products, potato, carrots, garlic and eggs.