Iso Kirja area offers a variety of possibilities for both travellers and for locals’ free time. In Iso Kirja, you can also arrange small and large events and parties.

Original author of the Finnish text and photos: Kirsi-Klaudia Kangas

Me and my husband belong to the ever-growing group of caravaners in Finland. We have camped in several different camping areas across the country. Experiences have been mostly positive, but sometimes the lack of space has irritated. In Iso Kirja, also known as IK-opisto (IK college), located on the shores of Pohjoisjärvi lake in Keuruu, there’s a 60-hectare camping area. Thanks to its spaciousness, it offered us easy parking and beautiful views to the lake. Swimming is an important pleasure for me in the summertime, which I got to do a lot on this camping site.
In the area, there were also different saunas, a café, playgrounds for children, summer kitchen and an emptying spot for the chemical toilets. What could have been better, when there was peace, three kilometers of beachside, docks, campfire areas and ten kilometers of walkways at hand.
I even had the courage to try the high-quality 18-fairway disc golf track of Iso Kirja where, in the summer of 2019, Finnish Championships were played. I didn’t have my own disc but luckily you can rent those from the camping site’s café. As a rookie, playing was much mostly laughter, but at least I got a fun exercise. I will have to get back to this sport again.

Iso Kirja offers fantastic opportunities for different activities

In the area, there are also log cabins for rent, spots for tent camping, a hotel and restaurant Iso Pata with its art exhibitions. Although the restaurant serves mainly the theology students of Iso Kirja in the wintertime, it’s also a popular lunch place. It’s also possible to organize seminars or celebrate family events from weddings to memorial services in the restaurant and in the other venues of the area..
Over the years, I have taken part in Women’s days, drama clubs and arts and writer courses in Iso Kirja. I became excited to browse through the college’s short course programme again and signed up for a weekend seminar about apologetics. In the same weekend, there is an intensive course on literary art, a course on the power of prayer and a gathering of the Focolare community, originating from the Catholic church.

Photos: Kirsi- Klaudia Kangas

Jaa juttu kavereille!